About Us

There is plenty of unrecognizable Supreme, bland BAPE pieces, and general flops in the world of hype attire, but we will only stock the REAL heat.  If we wouldn't buy an item for ourselves, we wouldn't expect you to buy it either.

Consignment and Sales

We are always buying items!  We offer very competitive rates on your new and lightly used hype clothing and sneakers.  Payout sent via PayPal after receiving and authenticating the item.  Email us with your inquiries if you are looking to sell. 

Authenticity Guaranteed

We are committed to selling only 100% authentic goods.  There are too many fake products and people in this industry and we don't deal with any of them.  Like many, we have been burnt by fakes and we know how that feels.  Many of the big reselling companies grow a little too quickly and pass plenty of fakes through their hands.  Our integrity means far more to us than a little extra cash.